Happy Thanksgiving from PBOT!

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Winter and November are here!

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October 1st and Autumn has arrived!

Hello everyone!  Dr. Jamie here.  Autumn has arrived and migration is continuing!  Many of our Carolina birds are now making their way to Florida and points south.  I’m still getting a few reports in the Carolinas of birds passing through, but our Florida Friends are really seeing lots of Painted Buntings now.  Here’s a quick update from Nancy LaFramboise, our Painted Bunting bander in Florida.    Read more »

September's Here!

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Mid-August PBOT Update!

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Happy August! Our early-August PBOT Update!

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Mid-July PBOT News Update!

Hi PBOT Friends!  Dr. Jamie here for a quick summer update.  I just returned from a couple of weeks in Europe where I saw some great European bird species including a pair of nesting Peregrine Falcons and their juvenile in the tower of a cathedral (at Lincoln Cathedral in the eastern Midlands).  This will be a brief update since I just returned, but it sounds like data continues to arrive at PBOT Central. Read more »

Early July Update

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Mid-June PBOT News Update!

Hi PBOT volunteers!  Dr. Jamie here for another installment of our PBOT News.  This blog contains 1) Data entry news – new split band choice; 2) Recap of presentation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina; 3) News from the field with some great resights by UNCW student interns; and, 4) A reminder to check past blogs for news. Read more »

Early June PBOT News and News from our Florida Banding Team!

Early June PBOT News and News from our Florida Banding Team! Read more »