Welcome Back Painted Buntings!

Hello PBOTS!  Dr. Jamie here. Join me in welcoming back our Painted Buntings to the Wilmington, North Carolina area.  And, of course, across the entire Painted Bunting breeding area!  If you live in the Carolinas, Georgia, or North-central Florida, you should be seeing the return of Painted Buntings at your feeders!  Today is April 15th, the traditional return-date for our Painted Buntings here in Wilmington.  There have been lots of signings already this past week, and I even had one here in the city about two weeks ago!  Florida Friends – Thank you for all you do for the Painted Buntings, and for taking such good care of them all winter long!  Remember to keep your feeders clean and full throughout the breeding season.  Until next time . . . . Dr. Jamie