Hello November PBOTs!

Hi November PBOTs! Dr. Jamie here with a November update.  First, my thoughts go out to everyone who may have been impacted by last month’s hurricane.  We lost power for two days, and neighbors lost trees, but otherwise we made it through ok.  I know folks who where flooded out of their homes, and my hope is that things are better now.  As for our Painted Buntings – Florida Friends – Thanks for your comments.  It is good to hear that Painted Buntings made it through the storme!  Also, be sure to remove any wet seed or millet in your bird feeders and clean your feeders out if you have not already done so.  The wet seed can breed bacteria and etc. that are not good for your birds.  I hope you all have a great November, and a wonderful Thanksgiving this month.  Be sure to fill your feeders with Thanksgiving bird food for your fall birds – and if you’re lucky enough to have Painted Buntings - for the buntings too.  Until next time . . .. Dr. Jamie