Hello PBOTS!  Hello Friends!  Dr. Jamie here. Please be careful during Hurricane Matthew.  I will tune in again after the Hurricane passes.  Be safe!  Dr. Jamie

Greetings from Fort Myers. We have just seen our first male and female painted buntings of the season. I'm glad they survived Hurricane Matthew to arrive safely.

Painted Buntings return to Fort Lauderdale today Oct 11. I thought I caught a glimpse of a female last week before Hurricane Matthew came through but was not sure. Today, 1 male returned to my feeder. An hour or so later a single female was on the feeder.
I think last season they stuck around til approx April 5 or so.

First male Sept 30, a week earlier than the past few years. First greenie today, Oct 11. Location, south Miami, Fl.

Yesterday, Hurricane Matthew blew through Titusville, FL with 107 mph sustained winds. Today, while cleaning up the mess, I took a few minutes to rest, and in all the chaos, I see my first Painted Bunting of the year. He was a very small male! I wonder where he hunkered down yesterday?