Hello July PBOTs!

Hi July PBOTs!  Dr. Jamie here with our update.  It looks like July is going to be a hot month, with temperatures in the Southeast in the 90’s!  If you can, be sure to have a birdbath or a water source out near your feeders for your Painted Buntings.  Painted Buntings love a little water!  Keep the water clean by changing it everyday or every second day.  Also, we’ve had some big thunderstorms here in Wilmington, NC and across the Southeast, so keeping feeders and food dry for your Painted Buntings is really important!  If the food is wet, be sure to change it out for dry.  Hope you are having fun out there with your Painted Buntings!  Until next time . . . Dr. Jamie.

We are excited to be part of the PBOT gang and look forward to updates.

Yes it is hot, I am near Oak isl. Nc we have been seeing them regularly. The most exciting thing I have seen yet. So I went out and bought a new camera, photos to come soon.