Hello June PBOTs!

Hello PBOTs!  Dr. Jamie here with an update for June.  Looks like we are heading for a wet spring-summer so far here in the Southeast. Be sure to keep your Painted Bunting feeders clean and free of mold or spoiled bird food.  If you see your food is wet in the feeder, be sure to clean it out, let it dry and add dry seed.  Your Painted Buntings will love you for it!  Please note, we are having some difficulty with the email for the website as well as approving data.  Your data will still be counted, but it will not be approved.  Don’t worry; we are working on the problem.  Thank you for all you do for your Painted Buntings!  Until next time . . .. Dr. Jamie

Seeing both male and females daily at feeders. Purchased a new caged feeder, hope they like it, next is a new camera to get some awesome shots!