Welcome Back Painted Buntings!

Hello PBOTS!  Dr. Jamie here. Read more »

Hello Spring!

It looks like we are well into our six more weeks of winter.  However, it sure feels like spring here in Wilmington!  Hello PBOTs!  Keep your feeders clean and full.  Migration has already begun for some bird species, and before you know it, Painted Buntings will be on the move again.  Until next time . . . Dr. Jamie

Happy New Year PBOTs!

Happy New Year PBOTs!  Dr. Jamie here, wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year in 2017!  Until next time . . .. Dr. Jamie

Happy Holidays to all our PBOTS!

Hello December!  Dr. Jamie here wishing you all Happy Holidays!    Until next time . . . . Dr. Jamie

Hello November PBOTs!

Hi November PBOTs! Dr. Jamie here with a November update.  First, my thoughts go out to everyone who may have been impacted by last month’s hurricane.  We lost power for two days, and neighbors lost trees, but otherwise we made it through ok.  I know folks who where flooded out of their homes, and my hope is that things are better now.  As for our Painted Buntings – Florida Friends – Thanks for your comments.  It is good to hear that Painted Buntings made it through the storme! Read more »


Hello PBOTS!  Hello Friends!  Dr. Jamie here. Please be careful during Hurricane Matthew.  I will tune in again after the Hurricane passes.  Be safe!  Dr. Jamie

September PBOTs!

Hello September PBOTs!  Dr. Jamie here with our mid-September update. The fall migration is already in full swing!  We are getting sightings and observations from our Florida Friends.  Thank you all for your sightings.  Folks in the Carolinas and Georgia:  please be sure to log in your last observation of the season so we can keep tract for when the Painted Buntings are leaving your location and moving south.  Also, Florida Friends: let us know the first day of arrival at your location for your Painted Buntings. Read more »

August PBOTs!

Hello PBOTs!  Dr. Read more »

Hello July PBOTs!

Hi July PBOTs!  Dr. Jamie here with our update.  It looks like July is going to be a hot month, with temperatures in the Southeast in the 90’s!  If you can, be sure to have a birdbath or a water source out near your feeders for your Painted Buntings.  Painted Buntings love a little water!  Keep the water clean by changing it everyday or every second day.  Also, we’ve had some big thunderstorms here in Wilmington, NC and across the Southeast, so keeping feeders and food dry for your Painted Buntings is really important! Read more »

Hello June PBOTs!

Hello PBOTs!  Dr. Jamie here with an update for June.  Looks like we are heading for a wet spring-summer so far here in the Southeast. Be sure to keep your Painted Bunting feeders clean and free of mold or spoiled bird food.  If you see your food is wet in the feeder, be sure to clean it out, let it dry and add dry seed.  Your Painted Buntings will love you for it! Read more »